16 companies who donate money to save dogs

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Companies these days are no stranger to donations of clothes, food, and other necessities to help people in need. Some companies, like Toms, donate shoes, while companies like Out of Print donate books to needy people around the world. But these 16 companies are special: they donate money, food, and their own products to shelters, rescues, and other dog-helping non-profits in the country.

Amazon, Ikea, Vans, and Nestle Purina are just a few of dozens of companies who donate time, money, and products to help pets in need. Together, these companies make a difference in the lives of shelter pets by giving food and holding adoption events. Some are also known for their dog-friendly offices, like Ben & Jerry’s and Clif Bar.

Check out these 16 companies who donate money to save dogs in need.

#1 – Amazon


The online retailer’s AmazonSmiles program lets customers hand-select a dog rescue to receive a portion of the proceeds made off their sale. More than 2,100 rescues participate in the program, which Amazon offers to every customer that visits its site.

#2 – Subaru


Subaru’s Share The Love event is an annual sale that provides sales on cars and the chance for customers to adopt a dog at the same time. The car company’s commercials also feature dogs as a tribute to its love of these animals. To date, Subaru has donated more than $65 million to charity as a result of the annual event.

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Written by Melissa Stusinski

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