50 Tips for Being Happier at Work

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Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. -Abraham Lincoln

Suffering on the job? There are a number of things you can do to be happier at work. From getting along better with your boss to motivating yourself, we compiled 50 tips to up your attitude ante.

Mental Tricks for Being Happier on the Job
More often than not, being happier on the job is a mind game. The mental tricks below will help you adjust your attitude.

Forgive yourself for past procrastination.

Your definition of success could affect your happiness.

Techniques for staying happy during a stressful project.

Work motivation is a do-it-yourself project.

What to do when you’re bored to death at your job.

Strategies to make work more gratifying.

Yes, you can be happier at work.

Discipline: It can be a drag, but will nourish your long-term happiness and success.

Avoid boredom
on the job.

A different take on being happy at work.

Manage change to reduce your stress levels.

Why do you really hate your job?

Physical Ways to be Happier at Work
Sometimes being happier isn’t just a mental thing. See what changes you can make to your environment, physical setting, and team to bring greater job satisfaction.

Telecommuting, mentoring, and five more tips to be happier at work.

Exercising on workdays could make you happier and less stressed.

How badly do you need a vacation?

Find a working environment that suits you to increase your potential for happiness.

Work with the right people, and you’ll make life easier on yourself.

Tips Galore
Read all the tips below. If you try them out and still aren’t happy at work, it’s safe to say you’re at the wrong job.

Seven tips for making yourself happier in the next hour.

12 secrets for a happy workplace.

7 ways to be happier at work.

25 tips to become more productive and happy at work.

10 ideas
for creating a happy workplace, from a workplace veteran.

10 ways to be happy at work.

What Does Happiness Have to do With Your Career?

Can a career choice make you happier? Probably, but there are many other factors involved, including how you perceive your current gig.

Even if it’s not your dream job, you can still be happy at work.

Having one of the best jobs in America will probably help boost your happiness.

Sucking it up, careers, and how that makes you feel.

Reach your full career potential
to be happy and fulfilled.

Do what you love and the money will follow.

Creating a Happy Team
If you manage employees, your results depend on their productivity–which is directly correlated with their happiness. Here are a host of tricks to boost your workers’ morale.

How to keep good employees in a bad economy (hint: it’s not all about the money).

Trust and connection gives your team life.

How to be the kind of manager whose employees are happy.

Try giving employees complete control over their time to make them happier and productive.

How employers can help boost the happiness of their employees.

How to retain your best workers.

If you have a lot of moms as employees, these tips will help you keep them happy.

Workers respond when you dangle the right carrot.

9 ways to boost morale at work.

15 more ways
to boost employee morale.

Increase job satisfaction for your employees.

Happiness and Your Boss
Boss making you miserable? There are several ways of handling this dilemma.

Learn to manage your boss, and work will become easier.

Is your boss making your life hard? Or is it you?

Be happy at work, even with a jerk boss.

Experts, Research, and Analysis on Happiness
What is the meaning of happiness? What do experts have to say about it? Find your analytical nuggets here.

An expert interview focusing on activating your happiness on the job.

What Night at the Museum can teach you about job happiness.

Does happiness at work even matter?

The top 3 reasons people are happy at work.

Why being happy at work matters for business.

One study found that we work harder, but we’re happier with our benefits.

Detailed research on what makes office workers happier.

Office happiness is a numbers game.

Written by Drea Knufken

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