MIPEX: Immigrants Are Doing OK in the USA

The British Council and European Community have launched the latest version of MIPEX, the Migrant Integration Policy Index. It measures how well immigrants can access the labor market, gain status as a full-time resident, participate politically, and a variety of other “policy areas.” Its statistics, which cover 31 countries, are considered more up-to-date and comprehensive than most others.

How does the US measure up in terms of immigrants? Pretty well, according to MIPEX:

* The US received a “slightly favorable” overall score.

* It’s easier for immigrants here to naturalize than in most EU countries (this includes having a baby in the US).

* We have more policies to ensure equal treatment of immigrants than most EU countries.

* The survey shows that the US and most of Europe gives decent worker rights to immigrant workers (I assume they’re talking about legal immigrants).

* Long-term residence permits are much harder to get than in Canada and some of the EU.

* It is hard for immigrants to participate politically in the US–but it’s even harder in Canada.

* Education opportunities for immigrants in the US are not that good, especially compared to Scandinavia and Canada.

The relatively positive results remind me of this Reason infographic (click image for larger version). Apparently, if you can make it through the red-tape hamster wheel below, your situation is okay:

Written by Drea Knufken

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