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  • Apple iPhone sales declining

    Apple is about to report its worst iPhone sales ever

    Apple is expected to report that iPhone sales increased by only slightly more than 1% during the holiday shopping season. If that number holds true it will mark the slowest period of iPhone growth during a holiday season. Analysts say the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are facing weak demand, despite a record setting week […]

  • Apple iPhone

    The Next iPhone Could Remove A Major Feature

    Apple is reportedly overhauling the next version of its popular iPhone series and that overhaul will include the removal of the physical home button. Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster wrote in a recent note picked up by Barron’s that the company will create an iPhone 7 with a new look meant to attract customers. According to the […]

  • Facebook iOS Battery Drain Fix

    Facebook Fixes Battery Drain And Audio Issues For iOS 9

    If you use Facebook on your iOS device and your battery is draining incredibly quickly, make sure to visit the App Store and update to the newest version of the app. Facebook admitted this week that its iOS app was a battery drain, so it fixed the problem and pushed out a quick update. Facebook developed […]

  • Apple iPhone Market Share

    Apple Is Taking Over More Of The World’s Smartphone Market

    Apple is continuing to take over more of the global market share in the smartphone sector. A new report issued by Gartner, Inc., on Thursday shows the company growing its dominance for the second quarter of 2015. While the company’s continues to find new customers for its iPhone lineup, the report also showcases a slowdown […]

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook

    Tim Cook Is ‘Still Bullish’ On Tablets Despite Sinking iPad Sales

    The Apple iPad is sinking and Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t believe there is cause for concern. During the company’s earnings call on Tuesday, Cook said he is “still bullish on the iPad,” despite slowing sales. According to Cook, “I think iPad upgrade cycle will eventually occur. We’re 6X greater in usage than nearest closest […]

  • Tim Cook Privacy Concerns

    Tim Cook Just Attacked The Rest Of Silicon Valley Over Privacy Policies

    Apple CEO Tim Cook is concerned that Google, Facebook, and other big Silicon Valley tech companies are abusing the personal information of customers. According to The Verge, in a speech delivered remotely to a dinner in Washington, DC hosted by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, where he was being deemed the “champion of freedom,” Cook said: “Our […]

  • 5 Reasons Buying an iPhone is Financially Irresponsible

      The iPhone is the Justin Bieber of all smartphones. In the US, one in ten people over the age of 13 own an iPhone. Sneak peeks of upcoming versions of the iPhone, both real and fake, sweep the internet like a plague every few months. 75% of Apple stores sold out of the iPhone […]

  • 10 Unfair Myths Bitter Nerds Will Eventually Spread About Steve Jobs

    Share Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the death of a computing icon, a man who changed how we interact with the virtual world forever.  I’m talking, of course, about Unix creator Dennis Ritchie.  Just kidding, odds are the first time you heard Ritchie’s name in […]

  • CloudPlayer.me to Resurrect 11-Year-Old Battle with RIAA

    Since the start of 2011, top technology companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft have been ramping up efforts to push consumers on their cloud computing services. Before we continue, I’m sure some of you are wondering what the “cloud” is. Polls show 60% of Americans don’t understand what this new computing term means. The cloud […]

  • Apple’s iPad 2 is Another Standard-Setting Win

    The new iPad defines the post-PC market. At least that’s what Steve Jobs suggested today during the unveiling of the iPad 2. Jobs, who said the new tablet would ship on March 11 (in black and white) came out to a standing ovation during today’s Apple announcement. The long and short of the presentation is […]