50 Tips for Managing Stress and Staying Balanced

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How do you reach the bottom line without bottoming out? Balancing a demanding career with a busy life can burn you out. There are ways around this. We’ve compiled 50 of them below.

Quick Coping Tips
When you’re in a jam, take a shot of the tips below to refresh yourself.

20 very easy tips for lowering your daily stress level.

Have you hit the wall? Try refocusing on your goal.

Take a quiet time break to replenish yourself.

Boost your brain without drugs.

Make an appointment with your worries.

51 pragmatic suggestions for life management.

Make a quick, informed decision in the age of data overload.

Staying healthy amidst the stress.

Mind Tricks for Long-Term Balance
Finding balance is akin to sailing on the ocean: Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard. You don’t have control over your conditions. But you’re always adjusting. Here’s how to stay afloat long-term.

Let go of past failures
to lighten your load today.

Confronting the need to be special could help you relax.

How work, love and play build a positive life.

Finding people to support you when you pursue scary goals makes everything easier.

Inaction can cause more harm than stepping into a stressful situation.

The words in your head have everything to do with stress.

How to get perspective on your life.

Fear of getting knocked down isn’t worth it.

Successful people make tons of mistakes. Here’s why you should emulate them.

Being decisive helps alleviate stress. Here’s how to map it or scrap it.

Don’t let your fussiness stop you from crafting a fulfilling life.

Refocus by finding meaning in your life.

What you have to give up in order to live a more balanced life.

Learn to navigate transitions, and you’ll learn to navigate life itself.

Attachments and aversions can drive you nuts. How to manage them.

Instead of vying for instant gratification, try your hand at patience.

What positive emotions have to do with broadening and building.

Stress and the Workplace
Where, when, and how you work can seriously affect your quality of life.

Workplace stress means employees are singing the Sunday blues.

Overtime boosts heart attack risk.

Sometimes, more work leads to lower achievement.

A business case for corporate wellness programs.

Check out new career ideas to help you with your stressful life.

5 high-paying, low stress jobs.

Stress and Sleep
Missing sleep is like putting an amplifier on your stress. These tips may help.

Getting enough sleep is a huge benefit for reducing stress. Here’s how to do it.

6 things to do when you can’t sleep.

Rethinking Stress
Is stress always bad? Not exactly. Here’s what we mean.

You have more control of stress and your health than you think.

There are different kinds of stress. Some are even good for you.

Sometimes opportunities disguise themselves as impossible situations.

Change is stressful–until it’s not.

Interruptions can actually help you.

The myth of stress revealed.

What happens when you have too much to do and too little time to get it done.

Don’t let others define success for you.

Follow the rules and suffer the consequences.

Consider your culture before letting yourself be labeled.

How stress affects your physical health.

Stay up to date on studies about stress, relaxation, and productivity.

Lessons in Balance
Balance is an art and a science. It takes time. Here are some things you can learn from the world around you.

What can overreactions in the stock market teach us about our personal relationships?

If you’re shy, here are 10 tips to alleviate social anxiety.

Achieve balance through meditation.

What dogs can teach us about self-discipline.

Sometimes you really can blame the weather for your mood.

Written by Drea Knufken

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