Gary Woodland took off his pants to hit a shot then learned an important product endorsement lesson

PGA Tour golfer Gary Woodland became an internet sensation when he decided to take off his pants to hit a shot at the Honda Classic.

Woodland was wearing white pants and he realized they would become covered in mud if he stepped into the water to hit an awkward shot.

At a recent event to launch Under Armour’s new line of golf shoes, along with Jordan Spieth, Woodland recounted the incident and the aftermath.

According to Woodland, he looked at where his tee shot landed on the sixth hole and realized that there was no way he was going to hit the shot and not walk away with his white pants covered in mud.

He didn’t hesitate to take off his trousers and go in for the shot.

Here’s what happened next.

He became an internet sensation but Under Armour was more concerned about his choice in underwear.

“The next day, [Under Armour] wanted to know why I wasn’t wearing Under Armour underwear,” Woodland said. “I said ‘I was!’ Their underwear is some of the best stuff they have.”

The Under Armour logo on their underwear, while large, is only found around the waistband.

Gary Woodford

“They said, ‘next time, make sure to tuck your shirt in,'” Woodland said.

In a sport where even shorts are frowned upon, I’m willing to bet Woodland was warned about his antics, but at least he learned an important lesson about product endorsement.

Written by Peter Mondrose

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